Sam Leatherdale

Web Developer

TripWatch Privacy Policy

This document describes the information that may be collected when you use the TripWatch application.

1. What information is collected?

To use the application, you must select a public transport origin and destination, to view trips between those destinations. This selection is stored locally on your device.

If you choose to use location services to find nearby public transit stops, your current geolocation information will be collected. Providing your geolocation information is purely optional and not required to use the application.

2. How is your information processed?

To facilitate showing you available public transit trips, your origin, destination and selected modes of transport will be transmitted to the Transport for NSW API, for the purposes of calculating routes to your destination.

If you choose to use the location feature to find nearby public transit stops, your geolocation information data will be collected once and sent to the Transport for NSW API.

You can find out more about how Transport for NSW uses your information by viewing Transport for NSW's privacy policy.

3. How long is your information stored?

Settings that you configure within the app will be stored locally on your device until the application is deleted.

Location data used to find nearby stops will not be stored by this application. It will only be processed by the Transport for NSW API to find nearby stops, and then immediately discarded.

4. How is your information kept safe?

Standard HTTPS encryption is used in the transmission of all data to the Transport for NSW API.

5. How can I view and delete what information is collected?

You can view all the configuration data stored within the app on the settings page. This data is only stored locally and can be removed by uninstalling the application.

Location data is never stored and so cannot be viewed after it has been collected.